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Teaiwa - Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluating Cultural Policies

Teaiwa, K.M. (2012). Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluating Cultural Policies: A Pacific Toolkit. Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Suva, Fiji.

The statistics resources in this toolkit for implementing, monitoring and evaluating cultural policies anticipate complete and endorsed national cultural policies. Specific tools are provided, to gather cultural data during planning and policy making, and to monitor and evaluate the effects of cultural policies when these are implemented nationally. The resources have been influenced by a variety of international models and templates, to address concerns relevant to the Pacific region. Particularly useful models such as those developed by UNESCO Statistics, Statistics New Zealand, the CMPPP team from Tonga, and the Arterial Network in Africa (see Appendix C), are highlighted. The toolkit is intended to be an open-ended resource for cultural policy officers, consultants and implementing agencies who will find their own approaches, as appropriate to their local and national contexts and priorities.

Katerina M. Teaiwa “Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluating Cultural Policies: A Pacific Toolkit”