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» NEW! » Council of Europe - Methodological guide on social cohesion policy

Council of Europe. (2005). Methodological guide on social cohesion policy. ISBN 92-871-5742-1

This guide proposes a method and tools for making the co-responsibility of public and private actors work, at the local, regional, national and European levels, for the welfare of all without exclusion. It provides actors in the same geographical territory with the means to pool their ideas, choose their objectives and translate them into indicators in order to clarify and quantify them, monitor the progress made and assess their impact. Based on a global approach to social cohesion that looks not only at welfare in its various dimensions as an outcome, but also at how people interact to achieve this welfare and the values, feelings and bonds they share, the guide proposes a variable-geometry framework for analysing social cohesion in different areas of life (employment, income, health, education, housing, nutrition, culture, information) and vulnerable groups (migrants, minorities, children, elderly people, people with disabilities, women).

Council of Europe – Methodological guide on social cohesion policy