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societal values of culture

Ministry of Education Finland - Strategy for Cultural Policy

Ministry of Education Finland (2009). Strategy for Cultural Policy. Publications of the Ministry of Education, Finland 2009:45

The premise is that the significance of culture and therefore also cultural policy will continue to grow. This means that the field of operations and the forms and modes of action in cultural policy will diversify. New priorities will emerge, such as the social impact of culture alongside the economic one, the demands of sustainable development, and multiculturalism. As a result of the demographic and technological development, the traditional cultural policy aims will have to address new challenges like accessibility of cultural services and quality assurance. Another challenge is to enhance social impact in the sector, while accommodating the demands of the public economy. Further, cooperation with operators in other sectors and in society at large will be to the fore, which will raise the profile of cultural policy in social policy more widely. Similarly, copyright is in a crossfire of many conflicting expectations.

Ministry of Education Finland “Strategy for Cultural Policy”