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Lindgren - Digital Media & Society

Lindgren, S. (2017). Digital Media & Society. London: Sage. ISBN 978-1-4739-2501-4

This book provides an overview of the changes and transformations through which digital media and digitalisation have shaped societies. It has been written for academic teaching, yet it can be recommended to any reader interested in understanding interdisciplinary research on digital transformations. With chapters dedicated to topics such as Digital Citizenship, Digital Power and Exploitation, Digital Activism, Mobile Culture, Software, Algorithms and Data, Lindgren’s work covers a wide range of relevant areas that together define digitalisation. The author introduces a framework for a theory of digital media and social change. Its main focus lies in the ‘digitally transformative’ outcomes of digital media use, which are central to understanding actual changes in the fabric of society, as opposed to mere enhancements. These transformative outcomes ‘happen when social actions and practices that are carried out rely so much on digitally specific affordances that they would not be possible without them’. (p. 295).


Simon Lindgren “Digital Media & Society”