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Held, McGrew, Goldblatt& Perraton - Global transformations: Politics, economics and culture

Held, D., McGrew, A., Goldblatt, D., & Perraton, J. (Eds.). (1999). Global transformations: Politics, economics and culture. Stanford University Press. ISBN 9780804736277

In this book, the authors set forth a new model of globalization that lays claims to supersede existing models, and then use this model to assess the way the processes of globalization have operated in different historic periods in respect to political organization, military globalization, trade, finance, corporate productivity, migration, culture, and the environment. Each of these topics is covered in a chapter which contrasts the contemporary nature of globalization with that of earlier epochs.

Held, McGrew, Goldblatt& Perraton “Global transformations: Politics, economics and culture”