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Dunn, Wright, Burnill-Maier & Gray - How to … shape cultural policy through research

Dunn, B.,  Wright, J., Burnill-Maier, Cl & Gray, K. (2022). How to … shape cultural policy through research. DCMS & Centre for Cultural Value.

In partnership with DCMS, the Centre for Cultural Value has produced a ‘How to’ guide for researchers seeking to shape public policy through their research.

The guide provides useful insights into how policymakers use research and the ways in which both researchers and policymakers can work together to maximise research impact. The guide signposts researchers to helpful resources and highlights key government evaluation and assessment standards for public policymaking.

Drawing upon insights gained through research placements and interviews with UK government policy advisors and representatives, the guide provides advice to researchers about government research priorities, evaluation criteria and how to make contact with key policy stakeholders.

Dunn, Wright, Burnill-Maier & Gray “How to … shape cultural policy through research”