European inventory of
societal values of culture

Deroin - European statistical Works on Culture ESSnet-Culture

Deroin, V. (2011). European statistical Works on Culture ESSnet-Culture Final report, 2009-2011. culture études, 2011-8 – décembre 2011

Under the aegis of Eurostat, (the Statistical Office of the European Union), between 2009 and 2011 ESSnet-Culture (the European cultural statistics network) led four working groups in defining a statistical reference framework for culture, designed for cultural finance and cultural expenditure, cultural and employment sectors, and ultimately for cultural practices and their social aspects. Prior to actually measuring and comparing statistics, the issues of defining culture, understanding its different aspects and measuring cultural activities were examined. ESSnet has drawn up a number of methodological recommendations to ensure better comparability of cultural statistics between member states.
Published conjointly in the DEPS’s “Culture Methods” collection, Conceptualisation statistique du champ de la culture summarises the various classification systems in France, Europe and internationally, and how they fit together; it serves as a valuable complement to this summary of European work.

Valérie Deroin “European statistical Works on Culture ESSnet-Culture Final report, 2009-2011”