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Sustainability Curricula for Cultural Heritage Conservation. 2022

A presentation on the research in progress by the UCLA/Getty Program in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. 

Justine Wuebold describes the development of models for embedding sustainable practices into conservation education. 

In adapting conservation practices for the climate crisis, this initiative looks at holistic approaches to teaching environmental sustainability at the intersection of economic and social issues. 

Supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the initiative represents the first phase of a larger project to produce scalable curricula for broad dissemination across art conservation, built heritage, libraries, archives, archaeology, and historic preservation fields. 

The research being done extends from the theoretical into the practical realm, including partnerships on the UCLA campus with the Green Labs initiative and involvement of graduate students in assessing lab sustainability. Co-PIs Glenn Wharton and Ellen Pearlstein, along with UCLA/Getty lab manager William Shelley will be available for a discussion and welcome audience participation in discussing how best to incorporate sustainability concepts into cultural heritage curriculum.

This project has been published in Studies in Conservation as part of the IIC Wellington Congress Special Issue:

Sustainability Curricula for Cultural Heritage Conservation