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Open Culture Voices — Special Episode Parts 1 & 2.2023

In this Special Episode of the Open Culture Voices series, CC hosts a conversation among five open culture experts from around the world. Dr. Andrea Wallace, Associate Professor at the University of Exeter Law School, Dr. Nkem Osuigwe, Director at the African Library and Information Associations and Institutions, Medhavi Gandhi, Founder at The Heritage Lab, Evelin Heidel (Scann), Program Lead at Wikimedistas de Uruguay, Michael Peter Edson, Founder and Director at the Museum of Solutions Topics addressed range from  the fundamental issues surrounding open culture, its transformative impact, and the challenges it faces in a world undergoing profound changes. The conversation takes place at a pivotal moment in the open culture movement: while 2022 saw  the adoption of the MONDIACULT Declaration by UNESCO member states, which recognizes culture as a global public good, only 1% of the world’s cultural heritage institutions have open access policies. The experts reflect on whether open culture can fulfil its commitment to inclusive and global access to culture and participation in cultural life.

Overall, the first part of the conversation highlights the need to expand the reach and impact of open culture, address inequalities, and actively shape the future of openness in the cultural heritage sector. As the open culture movement evolves, it must address issues of representation, equity, and resource distribution and by embracing diverse perspectives and forging partnerships, the blueprint for open culture can be shaped to create a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

Second part of the conversation revolves around several topics related to open culture, such as digital interactions, the climate crisis, and the challenges faced by the open culture movement. Our guests discuss the potential of open knowledge and culture in addressing environmental concerns, promoting diversity and access, and influencing policy changes 



Open Culture Voices — Special Episode Part 1

Open Culture Voices — Special Episode Part 2